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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Apr 9 French Bulldog French Bullldog Puppy 370 S Lawrence, KS $1500
Apr 6 Bulldog Bulldog Stud Fee 453 S Salem, MO $600 NO
Apr 6 Bulldog English Bulldog Puppies For Sale 453 S Salem, MO $2000 NO
Apr 4 Chihuahua Good looking chihuahua puppies. 188 S Leighton, IA $0
Apr 3 Pomeranian 12 weeks old Pomeranian puppies Text us 347 S Kansas City, MO $215
Apr 2 Yorkshire Terrier Jack Russel Terrier for sale 62 NW Mound, MN $400 NO
Mar 27 Mastiff Huge AKC English Mastiff Pups 178 SE Williamsburg, IA $300 NO
Mar 22 German Shepherd Dog Pure Bred German Shepherd Puppies 347 S Kansas City, MO $300 NO
Mar 16 Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale 344 E Scottville, MI $0
Mar 15 Any Female Rat Terrier- Free to loving home 428 S Saint James, MO $0
Mar 14 Chihuahua Chihuahua puppy - registered 474 S Bois D Arc, MO $750
Mar 13 Poodle AKC Red Standard Poodle for Stud 371 E Zeeland, MI $0
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